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The snail species Helix Aspersa Muller has been surviving from extreme enviromental conditions of the Earth for millions years as its most valued secrection could develope an original defensive mechanism to help the animal rapidly repair and restore any demange to its organs,including regeneration,healing,and protection functions.

Actually snail slime(secrection)was traditionally used medically from Ancient Greece to Middle Ages against gastrointestinal ulcers,to soothe a cough and heal burnt scars by the form of syrup.

Recently some snail farmers found their skin wounds and inflammation healed miraculously without scars,which led to the discovery of the amazing ingredients of snail secretion for Cosmetic and Dermatological applications.

After many years of good experience of breeding white snail,our president Mr.Ricky Chiang decided to breed the new species Helix Aspersa Muller in 2001 to enter Biotechnology industry.Cooperated with Medical Center to guarantee the quality of snail extract and apply good ingredients for excipients,established a phamarceutical factory for final products and a package factory for ampoule bottle.

One thing very important is,no need to harm the animal when taking out extract(secrection).

The snail species Helix Aspersa Muller,which produces a secrection rich in proteins of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.We name the main ingredients of snail secretion Allantoin,Collagen,Elstin,and Glycolic Acid,which make human skin younger,healthier,and rejuvenated.

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Worldwide snails generally divided into large aquatic snails and terrestrial snails, the company is breeding available high economic use of land mollusks, including three varieties, the first and second authentic French Burgundy snails (HELIX ASPERSA MAXIMA & HELIX ASPERSA MULLER)Third is endemic to the island for Taiwan, the white snail.

The literature that French Burgundy snail species (HELIX ASPERSA MULLER), has a high content of special ingredients, significantly superior performance of the human skin repair.

The company in Taiwan and many experts at home and abroad, investment in a long time, research and development and a lot of money, and industry-university cooperation experiments proven learned French Burgundy snails (HELIX ASPERSA MULLER), the varieties on human use.

Usage value of French Burgndy Snails :

The company, after a lot of time put into research and development, in June 2011, the lowest negative 60 degrees temperature, fresh successfully extracted efficient content French Burgundy snails "snail mucus "excellent repair performance on human skin , made from raw materials, the snail mucus effectived actively repair elements saved.

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In order to offer better service to customers,besides final products,we are also available for OEM and OBM service.Customers could use our ingredients,but change label,logo,and package to theirs if the quantity is a larger one.

Especially for facial mask,the min quantity for our OEM service is only 3000pcs per order,whereas Korean and Japanese manufacturers will ask for at least 50000pcs,or even larger at 80000pcs.

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Our facial mask made of feed material by biofiber,originated from probiotec,not cotton.Besides good ingredients at 25ml,
including snail extract,MATRIXYL,Sodium Hyaruronate,Cerimade,SKINASENSYL PW LS9852,Niacinamide,Jojoba Oil...etc,
the feed material is good at absorption of ingredients and good at adhesion on face.
The user could even keep on working although whose face covered by our mask .

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Experiments on wound healing of fibroblasts by adding Helix Aspersa Muller Snail's extract.

After 0 hour After 6 hours After 12 hours
Adding Helix Aspersa MuLer Snail's extract Adding Helix Aspersa Muler Snail's extract Adding Helix Aspersa Muler Snail's extract
Without adding Helix Aspersa Muler Snail's extract Without adding Helix Aspersa Muler Snail's extract Without adding Helix Aspersa Muler Snail's extract

This research used fibroblasts scrathed by tools to see the performance of wound healing on fibroblasts by adding Helix Aspersa Muller Snail's extract. Observed and recorded by an inverted microscope, the result showing after culivation 6 and 12 hours with Helix Aspersa Muller Snail's extract, the scratched and wounded fibroblasts have been fully filled with good effects. Making Comparison with the ones without adding Helix Aspersa Muller Snail's extract, the scarched and wounded areas still have unhealed vacant spaces. The research by adding Helix Aspersa Muller Snail extract on fibroblasts, after 12 hours, the scratched and wounded areas have grown with cells, the result proven research effects of wound healing

Source of evidence :

Da Yeh University innovation and incubation center

A car accident example who get fast healing on wound and scars after using our cream,wipping twice each day.

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Name:Carol Chen / Gender:Female / Age:26 / Country:Taiwan / City:Taichung

After a bad experience of using imported snail cream,which resulted in terrible allergenic reflection.In Aug,2012,my friend introduced me Everbella snail cream.My blemishes have disappeared and the regeneration is wonderful.

Name:Michael Wang / Gender:Female / Age:56 / Country:Taiwan / City:Taipei

Besides the main ingredients of snail extract, Everbella snail cream also contains "Peptide 5, Matrixyl", which could reduce wrinkle. I have been using the product since Nov, 2011 and I am very satisfied with the quality. The ingredients of excipient of Everbella snail cream are indeed fantastic!

Name:Angela Tan / Gender:Female / Age:32 / Country:Singapore / City:Singapore

Normally for other brands of snail cream,they use"mineral oil"to save cost,but Everbella is different.Everbella uses Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil,which are not too greasy,especially for clients from tropical areas.I like this kind of refreshing and I have been using since Nov,2011.

Name:Hiroki Sato / Gender:Male / Age:35 / Country:Japan / City:Osaka

I had acne spots on face since teenager.In Mar,2011,I visited my Taiwan product supplier(stainless),he recommand me Everbella snail cream for demilishing the old scars.It really works!after a couple months of applications,the darker pigmentation has been dimilished and disappeared.

Name:Jane Williams / Gender:Female / Age:30 / Country:UK / City:Manchester

My dry skin make me itchy and uncomfortable during winter.In Apr,2012,my beautician recommanded me Everbella snail cream.It contains"Moist 24 hour- long-lasting moisturizers"to keep good moisturing and prevent peeling of skin.Yes,I no more annoyed by my dry skin!

Name:Kim Tai Mei / Gender:Female / Age:33 / Country:Korea / City:Seoul

There are many snail cream manufacturers in Korea,but most of ingredient of snail extract is not pure and nature,or diluted from imported one.After pregnancy,I ended up with many stretch marks.My younger brother is working in a Korean enterprise,Taiwan branch.His Taiwanese wife has same situation like me.However,her strect marks have been dimilished after using Everbella snail cream.My Younger brother sent me some bottles.It really works after three months with two applications a day!

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